raggio visivo photography
raggio visivo photography  

Robyn RaggioTo create is the reason we are here, to capture the irony, the paradox, the love, the joy, the grief, the fear and anxiety, the anger--ALL OF IT. We are driven to record it, interpreting it all through our own spirits, so that generations to come will understand the meaning of our times through our visions. They will learn that there was beauty here-- there was Grace and God's Blessings in spite of the turmoil--that there was Art--Great Art, and great spirited creators of that art, and great custodians of that art. They will come to know how it survived through the darkness of the times, how it rose above the evil, above the greed, above the pain and suffering of millions of people-- that it could be found within ourselves and expressed through whatever was placed in our paths. The ability to recognize raw emotional tales and give them wings is essential for the survival of our craft as well as ourselves. The stories that are immersed in our images have found us in order to be told.

I am a working and exhibiting professional with 30 years experience in broadcast television graphics and photographic areas of the creative arts. I started taking photos in my teens when I embarked on a trip around the world and discovered a new creative tool--the camera. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, Creative Writing and Graphic Design.

My favorite themes are the extraordinary in the ordinary, the magic of the mundane, the obscure anomalies found in nature, the colorful stains of everyday living, man-made contraptions past their prime, the sublime of the ridiculous and the incredible power of love.

I primarily use a Canon EOS 5D, with a 100mm 2.8 Macro, a 70-200 2.8 Sigma EX, a Canon 24-70 2.8 LSeries zoom, a Fuji Finepix 5000, a Nikon990 (my first digital) and various film cameras from 35mm to 4x5.